A Trio of Ornaments

On a recent trip to the DC Big Flea Antique Market I visited a regular vendor’s booth to look at the gorgeous Reliquaries he carries.  His stock never disappoints and one resonated in particular this time. It had some small pearls and paper quilling surrounding the religious photos. I hadn’t seen or thought about quilling

Regency Silhouettes Kit ~NEW~ Amazing Alterables™

I’ve been on a kick recently reading Jane Austen and watching movies inspired by her books.  And this delightful journey has taken me on a exploration of silhouettes, or (and this I love) “shadow portraits”!  I purchased a book last year Silhouettes: The Art of the Shadow by Emma Rutherford.  What a delicious addition to

Tree of Life Medallion by Kim MacDonald

Hello, all Paper Whimsy artists and admirers! This month I tried to use many different art modalities and textures on the Curious Tree Angel Medallion just to spice things up a bit. I must say, I adore this Paper Whimsy alterable and there are so many different ways you can use her. I started with

Curious Talisman Number 35 by Theresa Martin

The Curious Tree Angel Medallion turned into Curious Talisman Number 35. I turned the tree upside down to make the branches into roots. The Talisman developed organically. I began with a felted section with beads to place in the center frame. The green tones grew from the subject. It seemed to call for some natural

Boo La La! by Michelle Talley

Happy October from beautiful Minneapolis! The leaves are starting to change color, most mornings are starting out with some chill in the air. Speaking of chills…Halloween is right around the corner! Chills, thrills and lots of candy! What’s not to love about that? We are going to be meeting a witch named Minerva, that is not a

Thirty-One House by Tina Walker

Hi…Welcome to October!  Tina here today with my October project. Since it’s October, you know I can’t pass up a Halloween inspired project.  Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love creating with blacks, oranges, and purples!  I also love the dark, scary images often associated with Halloween. I prepped all of my Amazing Alterable

Three Sisters Mermaids by Kim MacDonald

… Hello everyone! I hope your summer has been comfortable, fun and safe. Living in the Northwest this summer has been quite different—hot and humid!!  Some of the lakes, rivers and Puget Sound have been closed due to heat here,  so I found these cute little mermaid sisters on my doorstep looking for a safe