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I can still hear Topal singing “Tradition” in “Fiddler on the Roof” …one of my all time favorite movies…I was really lucky that I got to see him preform that iconic role at Lincoln Center many many moons ago. There’s something magical about that song and it’s meaning.We all hope to pass down old and new traditions, and in doing so,keeping the flame alive from generation to generation.

This piece was inspired by that idea.

FullSizeRender (14)a

After gluing the bottom of the Curious Cabinet together I added Christmas themed paper to the inside of the box…

FullSizeRender (8)

I then added the image from Collage Sheet #300 and bulky glitter to the background…

FullSizeRender (6)

I glued on the top of the house and then covered the sides and back in coordinating paper…

FullSizeRender (10)

I painted the top in a lovely vibrant red…

FullSizeRender (22)

and when it dried,I distressed it…

FullSizeRender (25)

and to give it that extra pow,I added a thin layer of Amazing Clear cast…you can see the difference in the photo where I started adding the resin…it helps to bring out the color and detail…

FullSizeRender (26)

I then added some yummy scraps to finish it off …

FullSizeRender (16)


PicMonkey Collage


This being my last tutorial for Paper Whimsy I wanted to say thank you to all the kind souls that left me comments here,to the other Design Team art sisters that I admire and respect so deeply and with a heart full of gratitude,I thank Gale,for offering me the tools to let my imagination run wild.

Paper Whimsy items used in this tutorial:




Sunflower Angel Giveaway

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Sunflower Angel

A Sunflower Angel made from the new Curious Poupée

This Sunflower Angel will be given away.


Sunflower Angel

Sunflower Angel

Here are some process photos and steps on making your own Sunflower Angel.  Below you will see a list of materials used if you would like to make one and the details of the giveaway.

Process Sunflower Angel

After putting the doll together, I made her a simple dress from Digi Sheet 067. The doll color was done with woodless color pencils.


I added a metal bow belt and some cabochons and tied a ribbon to her hands.

I added a metal bow belt, some cabochons and tied a ribbon to her hands. I also made her a halo, some wings along with a sunflower fringe for her face.


theresamARTin Sunflower Angel

She could be yours!




All you need to do to enter to win this Angel is leave a comment on this post. If you haven’t already done so, I know you would enjoy signing up for the paperwhimsy newsletter, or Liking the paperwhimsy Facebook page, but it is not a requirement for the giveaway. Be sure to type in your email so I can get in touch with the winner. The email will not be displayed publicly.

The winner will be chosen at random and notified on December 13th, 2014

CLASS: I am teaching a class upcoming in January on making Paperwhimsy Love Tokens and the sign up for the class, to be held in Alexandria VA, can be found HERE.




Paper Whimsy Terrarium Ornies

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I’ll admit it…I’m the kind of person that can listen to Christmas music all year long!! Even now as I type…”Sounds of the Season” is playing…Cant help it…I just get giddy about Christmas!!

Naturally I started  making some Ornies and because I had some left over Spooky Terrariums I decided to make them into Christmas treats.

I painted them with Deco Art Fluids.



Added a watermark design using a holiday stamp and then sprinkled with embossing powder and melted with a heat tool.



Cut out the image,glued it onto the base and then glued on the frame.Next I added a cheerful sticker to the frame.



I then took some tinsel strand and using a pliers made half stars and glued them under the sticker.



and added some Liquid Dots for additional texture.



Lastly I drilled a hole on top,fed a jump ring and added some trim.These are ready to hang…

PicMonkey Collagesheet232-375sheet171-375




Poetic Fancy Angels by Michelle Talley

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So, here we are, it’s November already.  Summer is behind us, Winter is yet to come.  November is bittersweet to me.  A lot of things have happened in November, happy, sad and in-between.  We celebrate Thanksgiving, we tolerate elections, we look forward to the magic and wonder of Christmas.


November makes me think of my mama, I am so thankful for who she was!  The possibilities that waited for us.  The knowledge that you should always think about the what ifs.  The strength to face the unknown, with humor and courage, and always with love.


In the past few months, I have seen on FB a quote that brings to mind something my mama might have said.  Do I looked it up and it is a poem written by a young woman, Erin Hanson, from Australia.  She started writing poetry as a child and sometimes the wisdom we get from children is amazing.  So, my November project is a bot of an homage to children and their parents, to remember that to live up to our potential we sometimes need to take the risk of falling, so we can find the courage to fly.


There is a freedom waiting for you,

on the breezes of the sky,

And you ask what if I fall?

Oh but my darling,

what if you fly?

Poetic Fancy Angels by Michelle Talley for PaperWhimsy


Fancy Angels #2 – PaperWhimsy Amazing Alterable

Sheet 258 from PaperWhimsy

Folk Art Chalk Paint in Cascade Blue

Viva Inka Gold in Old Silver

2 small paper roses

2 blue crystal flats

Ribbon to hang

ModPodge and Super Glue


1) Paint the angels both front and back.  I used multiple coats of the chalk paint.

2) Print out two of the largest girl on sheet 258 (I enlarged her 125%).

3) Cut out faces and use ModPodge to adhere her to the painted and dried angel shapes.

4) Once dry, swipe Inka Gold Old Silver onto wings and torso using small brush.

5) Really “glob” on the Inka Gold Old Silver to the crown to get a good texture.

6) Type and print out your poem; cut out words and adhered to wings and torso using ModPodge.

7) Super glue the roses to the crowns, and their sparkles.

Et Voila!  Two angels, each complete, but together they tell the whole story.


My mother was a very brave woman, who left the known to come to America.  Willing to brave the unknown for a chance to live freely.  It inspires me to try to be braver than I think I am, and to at least try to fly.  I can’t wait to see what December brings!


Michelle xo


The Clock Cousins by Theresa mARTin

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The Clock Cousins

The Clock Cousins

Cousins are wonderful (the first friends we have as children) and these two Clock Cousins are relatives of the Boo Sisters from an earlier post.  I used some of my gelli plate prints as well as the digital sheets from paperwhimsy and added some glitter, rhinestones and clock parts to give them some fine ‘clothes’.

theresa_mARTin Process

Process of making the Clock Cousins

Gelli Plate print

Gelli Plate print

I used some of the paper made by the Gelli Plate technique as the background of the angel. There are plenty of paperwhimsy background papers available to use that would work just as well.

theresamARTin Process

Paper glued on

After I glued on the paper, I trimmed carefully around it with an blade.

1 clock cousin by theresa mARTin

One Clock Cousin

One Clock Cousin by theresa mARTin

A Clock Cousin


  • Spray paint the angel banners.
  • Add paper and trim around the edges with a blade.
  • Cut out the text from the collage sheet  for the shield and glue on. Put some clock parts on top of the shield.
  • Add a steampunk face
  • Add some glitter to the the wings and crown, along with some rhinestones.
  • Some millinery leaves at the bottom give the piece the feeling of it being a bird, which is a bit of final fun.
  • These can hang on the wall with a wire added to the back.



Shadowbox Reliquary Ornaments by Cat Kerr

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I’ll shamelessly admit it…a little squeal came out of me when I first saw these precious little boxes.


For me,they are the perfect canvas,the perfect way to start creating.With so many options, the skies the limit on what you can do with these little treasures,but this time my muse called for paper..and lots of it.After gluing the wood pieces together,I covered every inch in sweet pale colored card stock..


I then drilled two holes on the top,glued in a precious face and then covered her in 3 layers of Modge Podge.Sealing her is an important step because I next mixed up a batch of Amazing Cast Resin and poured it in the box,about 1/4 thick and let it cure 24 hrs.


Once cured,I added some rub on text,crochet trim and findings on the bottom.


I fed the wire through the holes.

 I next added silver Inka Gold to the corner pieces,as well as a flatback crystal and ivory paint dots.


I loved the way they cam out and thought they would be a perfect addition to my Christmas tree.

Paper Whimsy products used in this tutorial include Shadowbox Reliquary #3 Sheet #171,  and Sheet #292

PicMonkey Collage




A Curious Night in the Woods by Michelle Talley

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Michelle Talley A Curious Night in the Woods Reliquary

Curious Spiky Frame with Stand

Beautiful Faces Sheet 323

Digi Sheet 197

InkaGold- Old Gold & Old Silver

PanPastel-Yellow Ochre, Red, Turquoise


SuperGlue Gel

Dried weeds from the lakeshore

Assorted Milagros

Cross pendant

Mini candle made of Sculpey Clay

Melted candle wax


Oh, October! Falling leaves, chilly nights and spooky things are afoot. In 1955, Ray Bradbury released The October Country. It is a collection of 15 macabre short stories. Is there anything better then curling up with a spooky book while the wind whips around the bare branches? Or maybe Stephen King is your fright of choice. No matter, grab your blanket and let your imagination loose!


My project is an homage to every scary story that has a couple of kids wandering through the woods. They just wanted to take a shortcut, so they could get home before dark. We ALL know that NEVER goes according to plan! A little lost, a little cold and a lot scared, they stumble into a small clearing. In the middle of this clearing is a Curious sight. It seems to be a marker of some sort, maybe a shrine or a mirror.

Maybe a wish or a warning. Or maybe they are all ready at home, tucked in, all cosy in their beds, having mysterious dreams because they ate WAY too much Halloween candy.  You decide…


Michelle's Curious Reliquary - close


This project came together very quickly. As soon as I saw the Curious Spiky Frame with Stand, I just knew it had the potential to go the way of the Twilight Zone. Hauntingly beautiful town, here we come!

First everything is painted with the Old Gold paint. I printed out the Digi sheet #197 in black and white, and glued that image using the ModPodge. I used the Beautiful Faces sheet 323 for our mysterious redheaded girl, and again used the ModPodge to make sure she couldn’t get out, I mean to glue her into place. Then I glued the front of the frame to the back.

The next step was to go over the base with a tiny bit of the Old Silver, then the PanPastel in Yellow Ochre. When that was dry I glued the frame to the stand using the SuperGlue. I used the foam brush to tap more of both colors of the InkaGold paint on the spikes and front of the frame. Then with a small brush I used all three of the PanPastel paints to make the frame look old and distressed. (note to self, do not use this technique while applying makeup!)

Michelle-Talley-spooky-reliquary-milagros-closeI used the Yellow Ochre to age the ceramic Milagros, skulls and cross pendant. I made a little candle using Sculpey Clay, and a tiny piece of burnt wick. I used a candle to melt the wax for the base of the frame, and while hot I placed the Milagros. The other pieces were glued on using the SuperGlue.

When we were at the lake, I found this cool, creepy “weedy” stuff growing out of the sand, so of course I had to take some home! It was perfect to use as an embellishment , did this frame somehow grow in this clearing? Was it trapped there by the branches? Was it the by product of too many mini Snickers? In any case, it was the perfect icing on my eerie frame.




Happy Halloween! Digital Tutorial by Theresa mARTin

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The paperwhimsy collage sheets have wonderful whimsical girls and boys. I thought it would be fun to darken the mood of one of them for Halloween using Photoshop to make the gal a wee bit ominous. She is still a sweet beauty but I’ve given her a slightly spooky edge.

I opened the file in Photoshop and darkened and lightened the levels until she glowed a slight amount on the light side of her face and darkened a slight amount on the shaded part of her face. I added bat wings,  a couple of skeletons, some interesting architecture and a dark gradient to give her environment that spooky halloween feeling.


By slightly moving the dark levels and the light levels towards the center the lighting takes on a spooky feeling.



Part of the fun with digital pieces is the ease with which one can change around the images and get different versions.


Last Rose of Summer Santos by Michelle Talley

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Michelle Talley's Rosie Santos

Happy September everyone! My project this month evolved from a poem by Thomas Moore. An ode to the last days of summer.


“Tis the last rose of summer Left blooming along;

All her lovely companions are faded and gone.”


Once I settled on that, the rest was easy! I knew I wanted to use the ever so cool, Large Santos Cage Doll, with niche.

I knew that “Rosie” had to represent the end of summer, and the beginning of fall, so I knew my color palate needed to have golds, reds, green and some rich blue.

Ready, set, go!


From PaperWhimsy:

Large Santos Cage Doll with Niche

Digi sheet 083

Sheet 244

Mesh screen



Other assorted supplies: paper roses, metal rose, crystal flats, ModPodge, Super Glue gel, E6000, PanPastel powder: Blue, Yellow Ochre, Foam brush, short bristle brush.


Michelle Talley's Last Rose Santos faceWhen I assemble a Santo’s doll, I like to glue the base together with E6000 first. I let that dry, it’s hard to wait….but I do. I hop over to the rest of our doll and give it some love and attention with the InkaGold Old Gold paint. This layer is just to cover everything with the foam brush in an even finish. While this dries, I ModPodge Rosie’s lovely face and torso.

For her face I used sheet 244, and for the back of the niche and her clothes I used Digi sheet 083. I just love the rich colors in this sheet, it brings to mind an old tapestry, or some beautiful brocade cloth. Once everything is dry, I finish our girl with E6000.





On everything but the face and torso, put on a heavier coat of the InkaGold paint, with that tapping motion. It ends up with an uneven surface. Perfect! On to Rosies skirt! I cut about an 8 or 9 inch piece of wired ribbon, I used a green and orange stripe, nice fall colors, and it compliments the papers used in her top.

To gather the ribbon, grab the wire, and pull to gather the top. Usually it is best to pull one side, then the other to gather the whole length. Set that aside, then take the wire mesh and start shaping it for the skirt. When you have enough to go around, cut that section. This will be the lower part of the skirt. Starting about a quarter of the way down the “skirt”, start gluing the mesh on the legs.

I used super glue, and some small clamps to attach the mesh and make the skirt. It is messy, I glued my fingers together more than I care to admit, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. When you glue your fingers together (and you will) there should be acetone, it IS your friend. Take your ribbon, and attach that to the top part of the skirt, I also used super glue for that, as we know I don’t like to wait. And it does a really good job!


Michelle Talley Last Rose Santos skirt


Next, after I cut out my quote, I used ModPodge to glue it to the mesh skirt. Full disclosure, it is very “putsy”, I might have cried a little… okay I might have muttered a rude or two. Maybe. Don’t despair, it does work and I think it is very whimsical, the way the words seem to dance across her skirt.

The next step is to adorn our girl with the paper roses. She needed to really show all the other girls that SHE was the ONE! So her crown is made of beautiful roses, and they cascade down and almost seem to be wings. Why, I believe she is flaunting her petals!

To gild the Lily, she has a crystal necklace with a brass rose pendant. To give her petals a just- turning-to-fall touch, I used the pan pastel, in Blue and Yellow ochre, just a light random brush, to add depth.

Enjoy September, but remember to stop and smell the last blooms of summer.



“Just what the doctor ordered” by Cat Kerr

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I created this soldered bottle a while ago but I had reached a point where I could no longer continue.I couldn’t figure out what was missing from it,so ultimately, I put it aside and moved on to a different project.


Some time later as I was playing with my Paper Whimsy goodies,the idea of creating a hanging banner out of the smaller elements came to mind. My original plan,was to use the mini banner on a canvas or assemblage(which I still think is a great idea)…but as I created them,the bottles came to mind and I knew that they were exactly what the piece was missing.

I first covered the hearts in gesso.


Next I painted the hearts,then using a dry brush I added some Gesso.


Glue the hearts to 18 gauge black steel wire. Add some curley cues to the wire.


Add rub-ons and glitter.


And for added texture,I wrapped 26 gauge wire with seed beads around the larger wire. Lastly,I  wraped the ends of the wire around the bottle and looped the ends.


….and there you go….exactly what the doctor ordered for this soldered bottle!

Naturally…I had to make another one!


I’m thinking you can make this with any of the small Alterables….and even with the larger ones.I would just use a stronger adhesive on the larger ones.

Happy Creating!



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