A Fairy Tale by Kim MacDonald

“Waiting for Prince Charming…”   Hello and Happy Summer from me to you! Again, I am blessed to be able to share the wonderful PaperWhimsy products with you. It is the highlight of my month to create something to share and be a part of the PaperWhimsy Design Team. This month I am featuring a

Pearl of Light Curioso by Tina Walker

Hi and Happy Thursday!  Tina here today with my latest PaperWhimsy project, an Amazing Alterable Curioso, full of texture, pattern, and gorgeous color! I love combining Amazing Alterable with found, vintage objects!  They are made for each other and they are a great way to add a personal touch to your assemblage projects.Here’s a short

Time-Keeper by Tina Walker

  Hi and Happy Thursday! Tina here today with my second Design Team project for PaperWhimsy.  I still can’t believe I am privileged enough to be designing for Paper Whimsy.  I LOVE their product and my mind continually spins with creative ideas! This month, I created an assemblage piece full of texture, shine, and a

Fun Circus Train by Kim MacDonald

Kim MacDonald, here with my newest project for PaperWhimsy! With the hot summer months upon us, it’s county fair, festival and circus time. What could be more fun than a trip to the circus and who doesn’t remember going to the circus as a child?  Personally, I love the summer for just that.  Fairs, bazaars

Silver Portal by Theresa mARTin

A portal can be as utilitarian as a gateway or entrance, or it can be an elaborate and magical doorway or opening.  And what’s beyond that portal – well there’s magic in that, too.  My shimmering portal is whimsy.  Certainly elaborate but also, because of the monochrome palette I chose, it is subtle and, I think, elegant.