Whimsical Garden Gnome by Kim MacDonald

  It’s becoming spring in some areas-some places are still getting snow!! Well, our Whimsy Vegetable Garden Gnome will get people in even the coldest areas of this beautiful land we live to begin preparing for the garden season. Our Whimsy Garden Gnome is certain to guarantee a bumper crop this year!!     My Process:

Spring Maiden by Michelle Talley

Happy spring to everyone. Happy April, the fourth month of this new year, brings us closer to warm weather, flowers, and hope. Like, I hope we will not need the snow shovel again. I hope the April showers are followed by lovely blue sky, white billowy clouds and warm sunshine. I really hope it doesn’t

The Blue Queen by Michelle Talley

… Happy belated 2015 (though it’s still relatively new)!  I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!  It is a time to start over, begin anew, make resolutions, ring in a new year. We all remember our first love, it is always so sweet.  Lasting love is sweeter still.  Love for good friends, family, roses