Fancy Antiquities Altered Box

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My muse for the project this week came from my love of antiquities and romance. I envisioned the project to be something a vintage lady may have on her bureau or the contents of the drawers where she kept treasures. I selected a soft and muted palette for my color scheme with just a hint of mauve, dusty purple and soft greens.


(1) I select a plain cigar box to construct my project within. The box measures approximately 11 inches tall by 7 inches. On the interior of the box, I added old sheet music and layered pattern papers in different widths using matte gel medium. I then added the Beautiful faces to the center of each piece.

(2)A old crocheted vintage doily was added to the center and random wooden thread spools to the bottom of the box. I glued these all in place with E6000.

(3) The Alterables were painted in a warm beige craft paint and then I applied the pattern paper over each using matte gel medium. Once the paper had dried onto the piece I went in with a craft knife and tiny scissors to trim away the access. The edges were softened using the Pan pastel along the edges.

(4)I attached a piece of seam binding and the old crystal prism to the bottom of the Fancy Paddle fan because I wanted it to resemble a vintage hand mirror. I also attached copper jewelry rings to the Fancy Banner. Little old fashioned buttons were added to the side and interior of the box as well.

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Springtime Muse

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I started as a paper crafter many many moons ago and still,after so many years, I still LOVE paper…especially the smaller 5×5 cardstock stacks there selling now in the Craft stores!! This piece was inspired by the many wonderful coordinating paper stacks and by the Spring that always bring with it,the blooms of my Jasmine tree and lovely inspiration.

Using a premade shadow box,fill each the squares with coordinating colors…


Score a piece of card stock and accordion fold it creating a skirt.Add a piece of masking tape to keep it in place.


Paint your Alterables and then cut out paper clothing by tracing the bodice and arms…


Glue your Alterables to the back of the box and give your Muse a fabric skirt…


Add a sticker to the Bird Alterable and glue it to the top of the shadow box…


Using a trim punch add a decorative trim to the inside of the box…


Finish off with Liquid Dots,star punches and glitter.


and for a little more inspiration…the early blooms of my Confederate Jasmine.


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A Tale of Two Scarabs

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When I received the curious insects, I searched online for images of scarabs and was taken with the jeweled scarabs I found. They became the inspiration for the beads and beetle wings which adorn these pieces.

At first I only had a vague idea about blinging them out in some way. Usually I glue the fiberboard pieces together and paint them before moving on and adding content. This time I wanted to push the idea of how to put them together as they came with several captivating pieces and I wanted to use them all in a distinctive way. After looking at them and rearranging them for a while, it came to me that it would be fun to hinge the wings so they would move and it was smooth sailing after that.

The wings don’t lie flat because of the clock faces underneath, but the peek at what’s inside allows them to reveal part of their secret upfront, which I like about the pieces. While they are delicate, the wings can be moved and repositioned to reveal all.

Process of making the scarab

Trace the wings onto a beading foundation.

Process of making the scarab

Sew the beads of the wings and coat the back stitches with glue before cutting them out and gluing them onto the wings.

Pssst… If you have a phobia when it comes to needle and thread you can also glue your embellishments in place with a bead glue.  The results would be just as spectacular.

Process of making the scarabs

Glue small hinges onto the base.

Process of making the scarab

Cover the base and hinges with decorative Washi Tape.

Process photo of making the scarab

Add the clock face to the base. The wings will not lay flat after this step, but that’s ok.

Scarab Half Open

The wings can open independently on the assembled piece.

Giza Front

View from above of the GIZA piece with slightly open wings.


scarab back

Back of the LUXOR piece, with Mica Flakes and collage.


Giza Back

Back of the GIZA piece.




  • Spray or paint fiberboard pieces to your desired color. I started with gold, but later changed it to black.
  • Trace wings onto a beading foundation and add beads, sequins or cabochons.
  • Add glue to the backs of the beaded pieces before cutting them out.
  • Glue small hinges onto wings and base of the curious insect.
  • Add texture or images to the big wings that go behind the insect before glueing all together.
  • Cover the glued on hinges with decorative Washi Tape. I use two methods of attaching things wherever it’s possible.
  • Add a grandfather watch face to the main body.
  • I used the oval piece to frame a collage on the back. On one piece I used Mica Fragments to cover the back of the wings.

Winged Pastel Lacey Arches

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I am embracing the first day of Spring this week like never before! It certainly was a long, snowy, and very cold winter – and while I do LOVE the winter season I am ready to say good-bye to it. My heart welcomes the birds tweeting, the suns warm glow, and the flora and fauna coming alive.

My muse for the Inspire Project this week was directed by colors and thoughts of spring. I used robins-egg blue, French blue, and a soft silver paint on the projects. The little wire hangers could also be replaced using pretty pastel ribbons. For those of you that display an Easter tree each year, the little winged pastel arches would make a perfect addition.

Happy Spring!


(1) Paint wings with several coats of silver metallic craft paint. Once dry, add Matte Gel Medium to wing front and sprinkle silver German glass glitter on top. Tap off access glitter. *You could also use silver glitter or silver Stickles for this processs.

(2) Paint Lace Arches using pastel shades of craft paint. I painted one in a Robin’s-Egg blue, French blue, and the soft metallic silver.

(3) Add pattern papers to the background area of each arch using matte gel medium. Add images, flowers, word art and several coats of matte gel medium.

(4) Glue and center wings to back of each arch using craft glue. Once dry, add wire to each wing for hanging purposes. Glue crystal bling and small buttons (or sequins). Apply matte gel medium and dust with mica chips.

nancy maxwell james pastel arches


Materials Used:

PW-LTBS-300 USMF01-300 digisheet123-02sheet232-150 sheet259-150 gothsheet03thb-026630-00-150dar10044-35thb


For those who know me True and Board Pendants

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I am so overwhelmed with all the beautiful comments and kind words.Thank you all for taking the time. The two winners of the Board Pendants are…

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73 Cathy

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Thank you all so very much.xoxo





For those who know me true…inspired by the beautiful Abbey in the Paper Whimsy shop! There are so many options with this Abbey,so many places to fill…but today I decided to use the center area as one large opening.The abbey comes with shelves but I decided to remove the shelves and keep the center cavity open.

Glue the back piece and sides…


add a layer of gesso and then  paint desired color to all the components.Next, glue paper ,and a  fancy cog for a crown,and other flat pieces of wood to glue your image on to…


Add your image and fiber findings on the bottom.Then glue a piece of transparency to the inside part of the front panel.


Glue the front panel on to base and embellish the with liquid dots. Add ink to a small butterfly as well as dots using a punchinella stencil…


cut out some pretty roses from sheet Botanique 5.


Highlight the entire piece with Inka Gold and white paint.


Now because I have a problem with throwing away perfectly good pieces of wood,like the shelves that were supposed to go inside the assemblage…I decided to make some pendants with them.They reminded me of mini wood fence boards…


and if you leave me a comment on this post,I will giveaway two of the three pendants I created…I kept the third one for myself heehee.

PicMonkey Collagea

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Love Token Pendants

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I’m head over heels in love with  Love Tokens. There is just so much you can do with them.You can add them to the cover of a book,you can hang them on your wall,you can even do what I did,turn them into totally unique and fun pendants!

 Using a glue stick add your your beautiful eyes from Collage sheet # 314 and paint each token.


Add crackle and then a watered down layer of black paint.


Add Inka Gold,rub on words and wire wrap beads around each frame.


Finish each frame with a thin layer of resin over the image, and add chain and assorted findings.DSC04688a





Gilded Lace Winged Cameos

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This project was inspired by my Celtic roots and Genteel ladies of long ago…

Now sweetly lies old Ireland,
Emerald green beyond the foam,
Awakening sweet memories,
Calling the heart back home.

The creations went with a more Irish feel as I thought about the Emerald Isle – thus the gold gilding. You could always add a wee clover for a pinch of luck!



Winged Cameos:

Paint cameos with gold craft paint. Dry brush Gold stickles on wings. Add images with matte gel medium. Apply stickles to outer edge of each oval. Dot stickles along scalloped edge of cameo. Glue crystal bling on each wing. Cut out collage faces and place on oval cameo using matte gel medium.

Paint wood 2 x 4 lumber scraps with beige craft paint. Cover blocks with dressmaker pattern tissue sheets using matte gel medium covering all the wood.

Add bits of lace in random areas on the block and old buttons. Cut out old book text (or words) and add to front of block.

Dry brush gold paint on block and over book text. Glue buttons and alterables on block with E6000 glue.


Materials Used:



Secret Garden Party Dress

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Garden Dress

Garden Dress

The pannier dress form made a perfect canvas for a deliciously colored secret garden dress. The colors remind me of Frida Kahlo. I’m getting my time periods mixed up, but isn’t that the fun of imagination?

The gown is jeweled tone, made up of purple and green ribbon and hand dyed velvet of rich turquoise blues and greens. There is a gold trim lining hiding a secret garden underneath.  The green and orange flower provides a pretty leaf collar and a contrast to her glittery blue hair.

The colors remind me of deep summer, gardens, Frida and Mexico, all of which serves to provide a welcome diversion from the cold grey weather outside. 

A simple rectangular piece of hand dyed velvet large enough to fit around the skirt part of the form became the skirt. Hem the edges and draw a ribbon through a hem at the top. Pull the ribbon and tie around the figure.

A simple rectangular piece of hand dyed velvet large enough to fit around the skirt part of the form became the skirt. Hem the edges and draw a ribbon through a hem at the top. Pull the ribbon and tie around the figure. Click photo to enlarge.

This is the garden underneath the dress. It's a secret garden in the complete piece.

This is the garden underneath the dress. It’s a secret garden in the complete piece.

Garden Dress elements ready to be assembled. In the end, I decided not to use the red wings I made.

Garden Dress elements ready to be assembled. In the end, I decided not to use the red wings I made. I’m sure they’ll come in handy in the future!

This is how the ribbon was tied. I continued along the arms to make sleeves.

This is how the ribbon was tied. I continued wrapping the ribbon along the arms to make sleeves.

Secret Garden inside the Garden Dress

Secret Garden inside the Garden Dress

Garden Dress

I love that the arms are positionable.


  • Assemble the form. TIP: For the pannier dress assembly, it’s easier to turn the form upside down when you are putting the skirt part together.
  • Paint the form to match the cloth you’ll be using. I used light colors for the face and arms to match the printed face and metallic green for the skirt base.
  • Make a skirt from a rectangular piece of cloth and a long ribbon. I don’t sew from patterns myself, so I made up the easiest way I could think of to make a skirt. See photo above.
  • Use a large piece of trim for an underskirt. A piece of gauzy, ethereal material would do well here too. You could also leave it open and display something inside the piece. If you do that, you will need to be sure your skirt is longer than the one I have here.
  • To make the sleeves I used a long ribbon. Cross it over the torso and continue wrapping it along the arms to make the sleeves. It was so long that I liked having the ends hang down beside her but it could also be cut after tying it at the wrists. See photo above to see how it started.
  • Paint the headdress with color, then glitter.
  • Print out the face and the flowers you will use.
  • I assembled the garden inside the skirt first, then the torso with the ribbon sleeves, the skirt, and the face with flower headdress.



Pretty Posies & Kindness Reliquary

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This little Pretty Posies & Kindness reliquary was made with my daughter in mind. The image Sheet #170 has always reminded me of my daughter as a little girl and although it is difficult to choose a favorite, this sheet always tugs at my heartstrings.


I painted the reliquary in a rich brown craft paint. Once dry I brushed on various colors of Stickles giving it depth and a more time-worn look. Paint key gold and glue to back of reliquary. Add bits of book text to inside outer edges with matte gel medium.

Cut out little bits of old wallpaper and highlight with Stickles. I applied them to the back of the box inside using matte gel medium  and on the reliquary opening at the top . Glue image into place using a pop dot behind, and add more wallpaper flowers layering with pop dots.

Add word art banner, gem stones, buttons, and spools to reliquary.

This project would be a perfect keepsake for a birthday, anniversary or other milestone.


PW-LRG01-300 (1)sheet170thb-01ISG11859-150PW-LFK01-15055-01042-150SGG01775THB


Queen of Hearts

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theresa mARTin Queens

theresa mARTin Queens

theresa mARTin Queen of Hearts

theresa mARTin Queen of Hearts

theresa mARTin Queen of Hearts

theresa mARTin Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts theresa mARTin

Queen of Hearts theresa mARTin

The two Queen of Hearts are part Valentine, part Alice in Wonderland. I worked on the Queens during the polar arctic blast we had recently and I recommend working with the color red on cold days. It warms one up immensely.

The articulated arms are wonderful and allow one to move them after they are put together. The little rods holding them in fit perfectly and glue is not necessary.  I chose to have her arms uplifted but you can put them in many positions. She is a versatile and magnificent form and I enjoyed working on the Queens.

Queen of Hearts in Progress

Queen of Hearts in Progress


  • Put the Queens together and spray paint the forms red. Assemble the bottom heart cutout later.
  • Print out the face, and flowers and hearts for the background of the image.
  • Make ‘wings’ out of discarded old dictionary pages and trim with red card stock.
  • Use Red Stickles on the crown and the heart.
  • Add rhinestones to heart and crown.
  • Use one of the hearts for a bustier.
  • Use a piece of embroidered fabric or textured fabric behind the heart cutout and glue on the bottom heart cutout.
  • Add a face and outline with Red Stickles Glitter.
  • Assemble and glue on paper wings and floral background.



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