The Faerie Queen by Michelle Talley

March is a fickle month. Will it be warming up, only to slide back into the cold? The sun seems warmer, the wind colder, the snow is melting, until we get hit with another few inches. I am just contrary enough to like that foible of March.

March used to be the first month of the new year,then in 1752 someone decided to switch to the New Style Calendar, making January the start of the new year. No wonder March seems caught between winter and spring.

March has a lot going on, one of its biggest deals is St. Patricks Day, celebrated on March 17th. Im sure for some the festivities, like the potential hangover linger. Not to be forgotten is the Ides of March, it became notorious as the date of Julius Caesars assassination. So you can see why St. Patricks Day gets more press, and why Im going to go Irish!

There are many lovely, funny, and sad Irish sayings. These three are some of my favorites:

May the wind always be at your back.

Your feet will bring you to where your heart is.

Every tide has an ebb, save the tide of graces.

I have always wanted to visit Ireland, I love all the stories of the beautiful green hills, smokey peat fires and pubs filled with music. And the stories of the magic that visits the ancient and revered spots. Maybe you will be able to see the magic in the eyes of my Faerie Queen

I hope you have fair weather, and if not, at least a cozy spot to while away this fickle month of March.


The making of a Queen:

Goodies from PaperWhimsy:

Ornate Glove

Wee hearts and frames (I used the frame)

The Queens face from sheet 244

Her gown from sheet 229

Other bits:

Irish saying

InkaGold Old Silver paint

E6000 glue & Super Glue


thin gold color beading wire

16 small beads

4 gold roses

jewelry tweezer

My Method:

I started by putting our Queens lovely visage in place using ModPodge, I like to use matt finish. After that was dry, I glued the front and back of the glove together using the E6000. while that was drying I painted the heart frame with the InkaGold, and the back of the glove, the hand and the wings. When the heart frams was dry, on it went with E6000.

I cut out the bodyof the glove from sheet 229, glued that down again with ModPodge glue.

When everything was dry,( yes I really waited!) I used the jewelry tweezer to open up the holes on both sides of the glove. After cutting two lengths of the thin wire, I started sewing the beads on both side of the dress. Then on went our Irish saying using the ModPodge. The last detail to finish off our queen were the roses of gold. I used magic to attach them, well, okay it was Super Glue, but come on, that stuff is magical!

And that is our Irish Faerie Queen. Im sure she found her pot of gold.


The Automaton Icon by Theresa Martin


Automaton Icon
Automaton Icon

The Paperwhimsy Automaton is an intriguing figure. It reminds me of a couple of things, one being an old style fortune teller and another a figure in an icon. I took the direction of Icon with this piece and I hope to make a series of these, exploring more possibilities.  There are several photos below showing the process for the piece.

theresa mARTin
Begin by painting and collaging the Automaton Figure.
theresa mARTin
Add a watch face halo. Glue pearls to the edge of the figure.
theresa mARTin
Pearls are all around the edge.
theresa mARTin
Sew a row of rhinestones on a piece of wire mesh. Add another dial (vintage telephone dial) behind the automaton. Glue Beads onto the butterfly.
theresa mARTin
Create a background for the automaton. I used a rusty tile on top of an old saw blade over a rusted wooden frame. I used Metal Effects to artificially rust the frame and made the rusted springs with a wire coiler gizmo.
theresa mARTin
The last touches are four metal roses added to the corners of the frame and the number 3 added to the bottom of the figure.



The Blue Queen by Michelle Talley

Happy belated 2015 (though it’s still relatively new)!  I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!  It is a time to start over, begin anew, make resolutions, ring in a new year.Michelle Talley Blue Queen for PaperWhimsy

We all remember our first love, it is always so sweet.  Lasting love is sweeter still.  Love for good friends, family, roses and chocolate-covered anything! Valentine’s Day dates back to the 5th century so wa are talking about a serious commitment to celebrating love and it doesn’t have to be just on February 14th!  I decided to celebrate love with this lovely Queen of Hearts as my centerpieces.  She is romance personified, and stalwart, because love is not for wimps.  Oh, it’s fun and exciting, but you have to be strong and loyal, reliable and sturdy.


My queen has a quote from Victor Hugo “embroidered” in her skirt; Victor Hugo, by the way, was born in France, in February, and the literary movement of his time Romaticism. Coincidence?  I think not.

“what a grand thing, to be loved!

what a grander thing still, to love”

Project Supplies from PaperWhimsy

Large Queen of Hearts Amazing Alterable™

Sheet 244

Gothic Faerie 03 Download

Assorted Backgrounds Downloads or Printed


Other supplies

PanPastel Turquoise and Burnt Sienna

Chalk matte paint in Imperial and Sheepskin

Art Glitter 144 Miss Muffet

Seam binding

Pink crystal flats

Pink acrylic heart charms

Matte Mod Podge

Super Glue




Michelle Talley Blue Queen for PaperWhimsy



1) Paint back and sides of queen with Imperial chalk paint.  Mix Imperial and Sheepskin for pink shade and paint edges and inside of heart cut out and dab onto crown.  Sprinkle a bit of glitter on top of crown while paint is still wet.

2) Apply PanPastel Turquoise with a bit of water and a brush to paint upper arms.  Use Burnt Sienna PanPastel to paint arms and neck.

3) Attach arms using a bit of superglue on brads (or included pegs) to hold the arms in place.  Sprinkle a bit of glitter on arms and base while paint is still wet.

4) After pain is dry affix images and papers with ModPodge.

5) Before gluing the heart shape to the skirt, use superglue to affix the ruffles of seam binding to the back of the heart shape.  (Here comes the adrenaline rush!  Using superglue is not for the faint of heart but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!  Work quickly and try not to glue your fingers to your queen in the process!)

6) Use seam binding to frame the face and glue with E6000.

7) Embellishments Party!  Glue down quote with ModPodge, glue flats and crystals with E6000.

And Finis!  I hope she gets her happy every after… or at least some really good chocolates as I’m sure you did the Valentine’s Day!



Festive Patchwork Sisters by Michelle Talley


I can’t believe it’s December already!  I should, we’ve had snow on the ground since November.  It looks like it “tis the season”, so it must be.  Oh, Christmas!  It is a special time of year, and hopefully we can all take the time to appreciate and celebrate the true meaning. And also remember the magical, childlike wonder of it all.  I hope the kids have fun, too!


This project is all about the fun of the season.  Holiday parties, the sparkles, the wonder, like I wonder what I should wear to the party?  Like Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Spanx hose nipping at your thighs.  And then at some point, you remember to take a breath and realize it is all about family and friends.  Strangers taking the time to smile and give a holiday greeting, or a little push, to get in front of you at the checkout.  It’s all about being thankful, for our own unique family traditions, both old and new.  And for all things sparkly!


Michelle Talley Patchwork Angels for PaperWhimsy


So here is a Joyous Holiday wish from the Three Angel Sisters: Merry, Joyful and Triumphant.  The girls are all decked out in their patchwork party dresses,  They have on all their best sparklers to take them through this magical holiday season and beyond!  They decided to go with full length dresses, so they could forego their Spanx.  Off to the party, hoping their wishes come true, and that there be peace and joy all around the world!  Oh, and there should be cake, too…


Imagine these festive Patchwork Sisters also festooned with hearts for Valentine’s Day, or flowers for the budding spring (which really is just around the corner and down the block… several blocks).  They can be dressed for any special occasion (think Red, White and Blue with glitter and sequins for a jolly Independence Day!).


Michelle Talley Patchwork Angels for PaperWhimsy



Curious Angels #3

Collage Sheets (printed or download): 301; 190; 210; 188055; 236; 190; 205;

Hybrid Images (download, only)Dots!; Geometric 17; Geometric 17b; Geometric 18

Find all the goodies from PaperWhimsy HERE

Inca Gold Old Silver


Rusted thin wire

Coffee stir sticks (an excuse to get a cappuccino at your favorite Starbucks!)

Modpodge; E6000; craft glue



1) I started by picking out all the beautiful PaperWhimsy papers for the dresses.  I decided on which beautiful faces to use, I ended up with an older sister and a set of identical twins.  Who knew?  The twins ended up being the kind that DO NOT LIKE to dress the same, hence the many papers I happily used.


2) I painted the forms and wings with Inca Gold paint.  Let dry.


3) I used a clipper to make the arms the sisters needed to hold what I decided was their Judith Leiber Holiday Tree Clutches (just big enough for a lipstick and breath mints).  Anyway, I then painted the arms and set them aside to dry.  Who knew all those extra wooden coffee stir sticks would be used for so many things?


4) I printed (but you can purchase already printed sheets) and then picked out PaperWhimsy papers working from the bottom to the top, cutting or tearing strips of paper to layer the the gowns.  I love to make a beautiful mess on my table, taking side trips on what else I can use all these beautiful papers on!  Kid in a candy store!!  Anyway, I used ModPodge glue to “do” their faces, and gowns.


5) As dresses were drying, I used a Dremel tool to drill small holes in the wings, and then after doing a short happy dance because I did not drill into my fingers, I attached the thin rusted wire (you can also use ribbon) to the wings so my angels could hang.  I glued the girls’ wings on using E6000 (Aleene’s Tacky also works well for this).


6) While that was drying I gave each girl a signature color with glitter!  One twin went old school red, the other a dreamy blue and big sis went with the ever popular holiday green.  Use E6000 or Tacky for this step as well.


7) And what says “holiday” more than something monogrammed, so each girl is happily sporting their names on their dresses,  And their faces are trimmed with their colors, and attached with craft glue.


So, the girls are ready for the holidays, whether it be Christmas as my Patchwork Sisters are; or it could be Valentine’s Day or Spring/Easter or any holiday your heart desires!


My wish to everyone is that you have the happiest season of Joyful, Merry and Triumphant holidays!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!


A New Year ~ Curious Ornate Santos Doll


The funkiness of the Curious Santos Doll would normally call me to do something with dark colors or rust. However, when the winter solstice passes and the days start to get longer I start to crave lighter and brighter colors. Pink is sweet and this doll sends my wish for the New Year ahead to be rosy and bright for all of you.




On the table.



  • Paint the doll peach or pink
  • Pick a beautiful face for her.
  • Add glitter and a heart for her sleeve.
  • Add some flowers, beads, and some beautiful writing to peek out of the lock.






I can still hear Topal singing “Tradition” in “Fiddler on the Roof” …one of my all time favorite movies…I was really lucky that I got to see him preform that iconic role at Lincoln Center many many moons ago. There’s something magical about that song and it’s meaning.We all hope to pass down old and new traditions, and in doing so,keeping the flame alive from generation to generation.

This piece was inspired by that idea.

FullSizeRender (14)a

After gluing the bottom of the Curious Cabinet together I added Christmas themed paper to the inside of the box…

FullSizeRender (8)

I then added the image from Collage Sheet #300 and bulky glitter to the background…

FullSizeRender (6)

I glued on the top of the house and then covered the sides and back in coordinating paper…

FullSizeRender (10)

I painted the top in a lovely vibrant red…

FullSizeRender (22)

and when it dried,I distressed it…

FullSizeRender (25)

and to give it that extra pow,I added a thin layer of Amazing Clear cast…you can see the difference in the photo where I started adding the resin…it helps to bring out the color and detail…

FullSizeRender (26)

I then added some yummy scraps to finish it off …

FullSizeRender (16)


PicMonkey Collage


This being my last tutorial for Paper Whimsy I wanted to say thank you to all the kind souls that left me comments here,to the other Design Team art sisters that I admire and respect so deeply and with a heart full of gratitude,I thank Gale,for offering me the tools to let my imagination run wild.

Paper Whimsy items used in this tutorial:




Sunflower Angel Giveaway by Theresa mARTin



Sunflower Angel
A Sunflower Angel made from the new Curious Poupée

This Sunflower Angel will be given away.

{Congratulations PATTY GRACEY!}

Winner of the Sunflower Angel giveaway!

Additional winners of the $25 Gift Certificates at (2):

Carol Burger (comment #66)

Eileen Kirban (comment #8)


Sunflower Angel
Sunflower Angel

Here are some process photos and steps on making your own Sunflower Angel.  Below you will see a list of materials used if you would like to make one and the details of the giveaway.

Process Sunflower Angel
After putting the doll together, I made her a simple dress from Digi Sheet 067. The doll color was done with woodless color pencils.


I added a metal bow belt and some cabochons and tied a ribbon to her hands.
I added a metal bow belt, some cabochons and tied a ribbon to her hands. I also made her a halo, some wings along with a sunflower fringe for her face.


theresamARTin Sunflower Angel
She could be yours!




All you need to do to enter to win this Angel is leave a comment on this post. If you haven’t already done so, I know you would enjoy signing up for the paperwhimsy newsletter, or Liking the paperwhimsy Facebook page, but it is not a requirement for the giveaway. Be sure to type in your email so I can get in touch with the winner. The email will not be displayed publicly.

The winner will be chosen at random and notified on December 13th, 2014

CLASS: I am teaching a class upcoming in January on making Paperwhimsy Love Tokens and the sign up for the class, to be held in Alexandria VA, can be found HERE.




Paper Whimsy Terrarium Ornies




I’ll admit it…I’m the kind of person that can listen to Christmas music all year long!! Even now as I type…”Sounds of the Season” is playing…Cant help it…I just get giddy about Christmas!!

Naturally I started  making some Ornies and because I had some left over Spooky Terrariums I decided to make them into Christmas treats.

I painted them with Deco Art Fluids.



Added a watermark design using a holiday stamp and then sprinkled with embossing powder and melted with a heat tool.



Cut out the image,glued it onto the base and then glued on the frame.Next I added a cheerful sticker to the frame.



I then took some tinsel strand and using a pliers made half stars and glued them under the sticker.



and added some Liquid Dots for additional texture.



Lastly I drilled a hole on top,fed a jump ring and added some trim.These are ready to hang…

PicMonkey Collagesheet232-375sheet171-375




Poetic Fancy Angels by Michelle Talley

So, here we are, it’s November already.  Summer is behind us, Winter is yet to come.  November is bittersweet to me.  A lot of things have happened in November, happy, sad and in-between.  We celebrate Thanksgiving, we tolerate elections, we look forward to the magic and wonder of Christmas.


November makes me think of my mama, I am so thankful for who she was!  The possibilities that waited for us.  The knowledge that you should always think about the what ifs.  The strength to face the unknown, with humor and courage, and always with love.


In the past few months, I have seen on FB a quote that brings to mind something my mama might have said.  Do I looked it up and it is a poem written by a young woman, Erin Hanson, from Australia.  She started writing poetry as a child and sometimes the wisdom we get from children is amazing.  So, my November project is a bot of an homage to children and their parents, to remember that to live up to our potential we sometimes need to take the risk of falling, so we can find the courage to fly.


There is a freedom waiting for you,

on the breezes of the sky,

And you ask what if I fall?

Oh but my darling,

what if you fly?

Poetic Fancy Angels by Michelle Talley for PaperWhimsy


Fancy Angels #2 – PaperWhimsy Amazing Alterable

Sheet 258 from PaperWhimsy

Folk Art Chalk Paint in Cascade Blue

Viva Inka Gold in Old Silver

2 small paper roses

2 blue crystal flats

Ribbon to hang

ModPodge and Super Glue


1) Paint the angels both front and back.  I used multiple coats of the chalk paint.

2) Print out two of the largest girl on sheet 258 (I enlarged her 125%).

3) Cut out faces and use ModPodge to adhere her to the painted and dried angel shapes.

4) Once dry, swipe Inka Gold Old Silver onto wings and torso using small brush.

5) Really “glob” on the Inka Gold Old Silver to the crown to get a good texture.

6) Type and print out your poem; cut out words and adhered to wings and torso using ModPodge.

7) Super glue the roses to the crowns, and their sparkles.

Et Voila!  Two angels, each complete, but together they tell the whole story.


My mother was a very brave woman, who left the known to come to America.  Willing to brave the unknown for a chance to live freely.  It inspires me to try to be braver than I think I am, and to at least try to fly.  I can’t wait to see what December brings!


Michelle xo


The Clock Cousins by Theresa mARTin

The Clock Cousins
The Clock Cousins

Cousins are wonderful (the first friends we have as children) and these two Clock Cousins are relatives of the Boo Sisters from an earlier post.  I used some of my gelli plate prints as well as the digital sheets from paperwhimsy and added some glitter, rhinestones and clock parts to give them some fine ‘clothes’.

theresa_mARTin Process
Process of making the Clock Cousins
Gelli Plate print
Gelli Plate print

I used some of the paper made by the Gelli Plate technique as the background of the angel. There are plenty of paperwhimsy background papers available to use that would work just as well.

theresamARTin Process
Paper glued on

After I glued on the paper, I trimmed carefully around it with an blade.

1 clock cousin by theresa mARTin
One Clock Cousin
One Clock Cousin by theresa mARTin
A Clock Cousin


  • Spray paint the angel banners.
  • Add paper and trim around the edges with a blade.
  • Cut out the text from the collage sheet  for the shield and glue on. Put some clock parts on top of the shield.
  • Add a steampunk face
  • Add some glitter to the the wings and crown, along with some rhinestones.
  • Some millinery leaves at the bottom give the piece the feeling of it being a bird, which is a bit of final fun.
  • These can hang on the wall with a wire added to the back.